DI Wilhelm Stadler / InfoPro

is a registered SME / self-employed IT consultant based in Graz, Austria, doing IT / software development. InfoPro is specialised in tools and systems to be used in the fields of health care, education and social work. Wilhelm Stadler has long-term experience and capacity in the conception and implementation of  custom-made IT tools for specific purposes within the mentioned areas with a focus on web-based and database-driven cooperative software.

InfoPro has been founded in 2016 and is amongst others doing health sector IT projects with a strong focus on ICF usage.

Mr. Wilhelm Stadler has personally been active in social, cultural and educational research and development projects  on European, national or regional level for many years, especially in the development and implementation of IT  tools, applications and services for the purpose of education, training and social services, and has by that gained special expertise in the fields of ICF, early intervention and special needs education. He has implemented IT tools like (training) assessment instruments, (social services) documentation and planning systems or visualisation tools.

He has been the IT / technical responsible  within the previous Erasmus+ projects www.icfcy-meduse.eu and www.icf-training.eu, and is by permission of InfoSoc holder of the source codes of necessary IT solutions which will be transfered.

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