MSH Medical School Hamburg

The MSH Medical School Hamburg is the first private, state-approved university for health and medicine in Hamburg. It was founded in 2009 by the CEO of the university, Ilona Renken-Olthoff, and started its programme in 2010 with six courses at the faculty of health. In 2013 a second faculty (the faculty of human sciences) was founded.

As of 2017 the university contains approximately 1.700 students within 11 Bachelor’s and 8 Master’s degree programmes.

MSH separately runs diverse scientfic research labs (e.g. it is designed ICF-research center for ICF in close cooperation with DIMDI concerning WHO implementation and education in ICF (WHO-FIC-group).

Activities relevant for the proposal:

MSH already included ICF-CY into training curricula on bachelor level and organised the 2nd and 6th ICF-CY AnwenderInnenkonferenz in DE 2014 and 2018.

Within previous Erasmus+ project MSH created training materials for medical doctors (see O2 within and certification criteria to become an ICF-trainer. MSH was also involved as a training providing partner in a large inclusion project in Nordrhein/Westfahlen concerning implementation of ICF in inclusive kindergarten.                                               


The role of MSH is to provide existing training materials in EN, DE, MK, TR and enable transfer processes of these materials towards the needs of professionals working in the context of early years.

Furthermore MSH initiates a process of awareness rising in the early years field in Germany based on existing professional networks (BundesVIFF..)



 Katerina Todorova (MSc)

Katerina Todorova works as research assistant and PhD student at Medical School Hamburg. She is the operative manager of "A Common Language" activities in Hamburg. 


Dr. Thomas Grabenkamp manages project related administrative activities within MSH.

Prof. Dr. Liane Simon is part of the WHO FIC group and head of the ICF Research Institute at MSH.



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